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How To Stop Rebound Weight Gain By Making Health A Habit

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Woman Frustrated Over Rebound Weight Gain

Dieting and exercise are the fundamentals behind successful weight loss, but many people find themselves in a perpetual cycle of frustration after losing weight one minute, only to find it come roaring back a couple months down the road. Rebound weight gain can happen for a number of reasons, including biological factors and lifestyle choices.

Hormones secreted by the pancreas, the gut, and your body’s fatty tissues affect your body’s weight, your hunger levels, and your ability to burn calories. When you lose weight, leptin levels decrease. Leptin is the hormone responsible for telling you when you’re full.

At the same time, ghrelin (the hormone that signals when you’re hungry) increases when you lose weight. Therefore, if you lost most of your weight through dieting and don’t stick to the same nutrition plan once the weight is off, you can quickly gain it back.

High-fat diets and a failure to make permanent lifestyle changes can also lead to rebound weight gain. Many people struggle because they do everything right to get the weight to disappear, but once it’s gone, they “let up”, and before they even realize it, the weight creeps its way back.

If you’re concerned about losing fat only to get it right back, the following tips on how to stop rebound weight gain can help you.

Set Goals And Identify Your Ideal Weight

In order to stop rebound weight gain, you should first figure out what your ideal weight is. If you step on the scale and you’re way off that number, you know it’s time to cut your calories and/or up your activity level to maintain the body you want.

Always having a target weight in mind helps you stay on track and serves as a gentle reminder to make changes if you start to fall off the wagon so-to-speak.

Find Your Reason For Staying Healthy

You are much more likely to avoid rebound weight gain if you have a reason to stay healthy. Find the reason that really means something to you.

For example, maybe you want to look great for the high school reunion you have coming up in 5 years. Maybe you have friends or family who died young due to weight problems, and you don’t want to become the next statistic. Maybe you just want to feel energetic and be more mobile so you can do more things in life.

Having a reason to get fit will help keep you motivated to overcome any obstacle standing in your way.

Be Ready By Creating A Recovery Plan

What’s the plan if the weight starts coming back? Do you have one?

It’s important to take action right away because being 5lbs overweight can quickly become 20 or 30lbs if you keep putting it off until tomorrow. Have a plan to cut out certain foods or up your activity level if you notice things going in the wrong direction.

Turn Your Routines Into Habits

If you want to stop rebound weight gain, turn your eating and workout routines into habit. Don’t just make them something you do when you need to lose weight. Instead, make them permanent lifestyle changes.

You can cheat here and there, enjoy a greasy meal every now and then, or skip a workout or two, but never just stop and revert to old habits. When you turn health into a habit, rebound weight gain doesn’t stand a chance.